torsdag 14. februar 2013

Colouring on manilla

Good morning and welcome to my blog this wonderful Valentines day ♥
In january Kreativ Scrapping sent the DT an extra challenge.
I was paired with Anne and we did our project together.
My job was to colour an image with Copic on a Manilla tag and Anne's job was to decorate the tag with no more than three Distress Stains/ink.
I thought I could share this little colouring session with you guys as I tok some photos along the way. Hope you find it useful
You will find the whole post in Norwegian at Kreativ Scrapping here, and Anne's result in english on her blog here.
When you are colouring on other surfaces than the ordinary Copic paper you may notice that the markers and colours behave a bit different. I always use darker colours then I colour on both Manilla tags and craft.
The other thing that is important is that the ink on the Manilla did dry faster, so I had to work a bit faster than on my ordinary paper. So if you aren't working that fast, take smaller sections at the time to avoid harch lines.
Ok, here we go ;)
The image is the wonderful "Bonny Tilda" from Magnolia.
She is stamped on a Manilla tag #8 with Memento black tuxedo ink
My choice of colours:
Skin: E23-21-51-50
Hair and bow: E77-74-71-70
At You Spica pen, Clear for the string and wings

Start by laying down a base with your E50 over the whole skin.
Remember that if you don't work so fast, you should take smaller sections at the time so the ink won't dry so much. Easier to blend it nice when the colours still are a bit wet.

Lay down your E23 where the shadows are deepest.
Under her arms, by the hair etc
Go half over your darkest colour with your next one, that is E21 and go a bit closer against the middle. Blend nice
Do the same thing with your next colour that is E51
I also used the E51 for her cheeks
Go over the rest of the motiv with the E50 and blend it in .
Repeat all the steps (except the E50 part in the beginning) if you want it a bit darker until you are satisfied with the depth.
Colour the bow and hair in the same way.
Lay down your base with E70 and then take E77-74-71-70
Use At you Spica on the string and wings.
 Love these fine glitter pens, makes the loveliest shimmer ♥
Here she is my sweet Bonny Tilda, ready to be sent to Anne for the next step ♥
You want to see more of the end result???
Look here

Enjoy your day my friends
Hugs, Jill

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Dortesjs sa...

super fin tut, takker og ha en go dag

Rosietoes sa...

Great colouring tut Jill. Lovely tag.

Edna x

Maritha sa...

Heeeeelt underbart vännen! !! Så inspirerande att se din färgläggning.....
Hoppas du haft en härlig alla♥dag min goding. Be gubben ge dej en kram fr mej (mina armar räcker inte över gränsen) ;)


DesignerDiva sa...

YOu could have shown me this tutorial before I tried to colour my image in Jill! As always a fabulous piece of colouring - I hope you are having a lovely time if you are on your vacation
Hugs Laurie xx