fredag 13. desember 2013


Hi my lovely blogland friends.
Today I have a special thing to share with you. As you remember Christine from Paper Nest Dolls drew a Gabriella image for me earlier for the Lucia day. I am so glad now the day is here, 13th december. Gabriella has really looked forward to this day and I have made her a gift.
Unfortunately she wasn't picked to be "main"Lucia, but I hope hope she gets a perfect day anyway. 
Two weeks ago I found a video tutorial linked by a lovely friend of mine to a fantastic giftbag made by Roben-Marie Smith. I just knew I had to make something similar. I took some photo along the way and I would love to share it with you today.
The tutorial that inspired me is to be found here
This is my giftbag for Gabriella
I think she will like it and it is made in a way so she don't have to tear it apart to open it, so she can save it at her room.

You will need two paperbags, booksheets or similar, an amazing PNDimage, glue, sewing mashine, dabber or acrylic paint, Frantage and some kind of twine.

Start by gluing the booksheets to one side of the bag. Use the side that dosn't  have the flip up or flip it down. Try to glue the places you won't sew as your sewing mashine does not like glue.

Sew around the whole base and also sew three times right over the bag. Don't trim the ends to much, but let them hang there for a shabby look.

Now the bag should look like this. Sew together the two paperbags, so that you now have one thick, wonderful bag. Don't sew the top!

Colour your image with Copic (or whatever you prefere)
Ink the edges and mat her on a piece of craft cardstock. Sew around image.

Make two holes in the top of your image and measure where to put the holes on the bag.
Use a Cropodile.

Make dots with a Dabber or Acrylic paint.
I have used Snow Cap, White Dabber. My favorite as I looove white ;)
While the paint is wet put on some Frantage Shabby white and heat it with your heatgun.


Lovely effect from the Frantage.

Put your gift inside.
Bella get a new Lip gloss that she wanted and tickets to a movie the four of us are going to see this sunday.
She is going to be superhappy ♥

Here it is ♥
Hope you like my little gift bag.
I loved making it and I will make some more for Christmas as I have a couple of shabby white lovers that I care about...
Have a wonderful day all
I would love to hear your opinion about my little project and I will be back later to share some photos of my Lucia.
Want to have your own Christmas Bella?
You find it in wonderful red rubber HERE at Kreativ Scrapping

8 kommentarer:

butchiesgal sa...

I LOVE your little bag! Your daughter is so Blessed to have a mama who makes her such beautiful gifts. Am sure it will be a treasured keepsake of this special day!

The Paper Nest Dolls sa...

Thank you so much for this beautiful project. You did a fantastic job, and I know people will love the tutorial. I'm glad to help make your day more special ...

Melanie Smith sa...

Aweee what a sweet Gabriella. A beautiful stamp for a beautiful girl! Amazing art as well. I want to grow up to be just like you!

Astrid sa...

This is a beautiful project, and so easy to make.
Thank you.
Hugs Astrid

Maritha sa...

Superduper fint verkligen. Bella kommer bli överlycklig. Lyckliga jänta som har så snill mor!!! :) ♥


ValByDesign, Valerie sa...

Such a lovely project!

Stéphanie Beauchemin sa...

this is just too cute, Jill!

Za ovinkom sa...

Beautiful gift for your daughter Jill. Hope she like it. :)